We were delighted that Lisa Lopez, Lead Commissioning Manager, Strategy and
Resources, Nottingham City Council took time out to join us. Lisa updated us on the
promotion of carers during carers week, concentrating on identifying unpaid carers,
thanking them and acknowledging the work they do and the issues carers face. Lisa
reported Nottingham Council House had been lit up yellow to acknowledge carers for
one night during carers week. She also highlighted the importance of emergency
planning for unpaid carers (contact the Carers Hub for details). The Carers Hub
delivers services to unpaid carers on behalf of the City (and of course the County).
This can make matters simpler especially when the carer lives in one area and the
cared for in another. The City and County worked together to deliver a joint carers
message with very useful information during carers week. We area gain attaching
this carers message.
Both Dan Godley and Sarah Wells from the County Council sent their apologies as
they were unable to join us this time.
We also thank Sue Cain from the Carers Trust, who is in charge of co-ordinating
volunteers on behalf of the Carers Hub, for joining us and updating on the work
done. She reported that at least 443 hours in total of volunteering had been
delivered since mid April. This included, shopping, delivering medication and friendly
telephone calls.Although they had had a large number of volunteers come forward
they are in need of more in the ASHFIELD area for helping with shopping and
collecting medication..
As well as members of the Committee, Trevor Clower who runs the Carer Road
shows joined us again and was, at that time, still hoping that it may be possible to
restart later in the year. However, we have since heard that sadly Trevor has had to
cancel the Carer Road Shows for the whole of 2020. We know he will be bitterly
disappointed by this.
We had some good discussions and sharing of information followed by a some light
hearted quizzes which made us laugh (the best medicine) so it was a really
worthwhile meeting. HOWEVER, the only downside was that apart from the
Committee and Trevor, we had no other carer members drop in. This was a real
shame as it’s so good to get together and the main focus is on chat, socialising and
fun – with some information/discussions thrown in. Anyone who needs help can get
in touch with us.