Dear Carer Member,

Our mental health trust have produced a plan where they say they will provide a timely, safe and appropriate vaccination programme for their patients / citizens who have been identified with a severe mental illness within the JCVI priority group 6. The Plan is here. SMI Plan on a Page COVID VACCINATION PLAN FROM TRUST

Please note this plan does not include carers but they are still entitled to a vaccination appointment.

If you have comments please email them to Sandra Vanner (contact below) which she will forward on to the Trust.

Sandra Vanner notes that in Section 2, they are assuming capacity of patient to access vaccination sites and attend appointments. Her feeling is whilst some may be able to, many will not.  The person she cares for falls within Section 2 but would not be able to attend without help. She notes that follow up on these patients is planned – and that will most definitely need to be followed through.

Sandra Vanner

Carers’ Council (Allies in Adult Mental Health) 

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