The Derbyshire Carers Association were awarded the contract by for engagement and promotion of unpaid carers across Nottinghamshire County.  Prior to December 2019, that work had been delivered by the Carers Federation who are based in Nottingham.  Derbyshire Carers’ Association have re-named the part of the organisation delivering this contract “Nottinghamshire Carers Association” – though we understand they are still based in Ripley, Derbyshire! Confusing!

NB: Nottinghamshire Carers Association do not work directly with carers but the contract is to promote unpaid carers through the five elements below – not all are delivered across the whole of Nottinghamshire:

1)    Carers in Employment –

2)    Carers Awareness –

3)    Carers Engagement –

4)    GP liaison –

5)    Young Carers in Schools