Carer Rights

Rights for Every Carer

  1. The right to recognition of their own needs and their contribution and that they are individuals in their own right
  2. The right to be consulted and to be involved at every stage of service delivery so that services meet their needs and those of the person they care for.
  3. The right to a service which reflects their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, is anti-discriminatory and ensures that carers are not disadvantaged.
  4. The right to accessible information on services, welfare benefits, financial assistance, policies and procedures.
  5. The right to have time to themselves and their own needs addressed. They should have opportunities for a break both short term and long term.
  6. The right to practical help to ease the task of caring. This help could include such things as respite and day care and help with transport. Help can be required 24 hours a day.
  7. The right to guidance and in some instances training in how to cope with the particular condition of the person they are looking after.
  8. The right to receive support for what is most often a stressful and isolating experience. The support networks should be identified at the onset and should continue during and after the caring task is over.
  9. The right to explore alternatives to family care based on informed choice both for the immediate and long term future.
  10. The right to make suggestions, comments and complaints in relation to any service received.

Statutory Rights for Carers

As well as the rights within mental health care processes above, there are rights to:

  • Financial support including Benefits entitlement
  • Support in work
  • Carer’s breaks
  • Carer’s Assessments and Needs assessments
  • Looking after someone
  • Advocacy
  • Help with technology and equipment
  • Access to electronic patient records

In addition there is a lot of help and support out there to help with the daily role of being a carer.

Here is one organisation with a wide range of advice you can turn to for information about your rights in the areas above:

Carers UK 

The Government web site has a lot of information about benefits.