Chair’s Diary


Myself and other committee members are active in health and social carer service contacts across Nottinghamshire. I will be picking up issues raised in those contacts and providing a ‘commentary’ on what was heard and what we did about concerns. There may also be pointers and comments about meetings or events coming up.

Geoff Curtis, Carers’ Council Chair (

Todays Diary 8.10.19

Opening Minds group – I went to a meeting of this group in late September because they want people attending Church to be more aware of mental health issues as we do. They have achieved the introduction of what they call MAGS (Mental health Awareness Guides) into a number of congregations in the Nottingham City Church of England congregations. They hope this idea will grow but they think their group has achieved what it set out to do so its disbanding. Its up to others to develop the idea. If anyone wants to know more then get in touch with me on my email address above.

It is proposed to conduct a bi-monthly prayer meeting (probably at St Stephen’s and St Pauls Hyson Green) for those who think this will help them in their caring role. This is led by two carers.

Contact by email or Text 078990 58614 for more details.