Carer Stories

A big benefit of learning about the stories of other carers is that you realise you are not alone in your caring role and we often hear how carers feel isolated.

Every person’s story is different although there are some common themes which we will try and flag up as the number of stories we get grows. Your own story might help others so if you feel like writing something, and we are happy to help if you contact our Chair [Useful Contacts].

There are different kinds of stories you can read about here.

Carer Experiences

Contributions from carers some going back some years and others quite recent which describe in their own words (anonymised) what has happened and what they have learnt from their experience.

Carer Voice

Part of what we do is to raise the ‘Carer Voice’ with service providers and commissioners about concerns or issues or problems carers experience. Here we will say what carers say about common themes (anonymised) and how we have made your ‘Voice’ visible.

Chair’s Diary

 Our Chair and committee members are active in health and social carer service contacts across Nottinghamshire. Our Chair will be picking up issues raised in those contacts and providing a ‘commentary’ on what was heard and what we did about concerns. There may also be pointers and comments about meetings or events coming up.