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On the second of April this year (2018) I had my annual Carer’s assessment (under the new Care Act 2018). The Carer’s assessment is not a test of our ability to care but to see what needs we as individuals have in order that we may lead a better life in view of the caring burden. My assessor was very proficient at teasing the required information from me without the need to suggest answers himself so this was all my own input. The assessment was much the same format as previous assessments but with a few more questions. The process took about ninety minutes but it must be remembered that this was a first for the assessor as well as for me. So nothing to fear from the new assessment.

Well what did I get out of it this time? I am sorry to say not much, ….oh I got a cheque for £150 but throwing money at me is not the answer to my problems.

Talking later to my assessor about this he was as disappointed as me that no funding provision had been made for the purpose of supporting carers under the provisions of the act. What I did not get was a written care plan which I have received in other years.

So although I will still advocate that all carers have a Carers Assessment, don’t expect to much to be achieved by it any more…..

Since writing this my assessor has moved to a new place. I have also spoken to Nottinghamshire County Council adult social services (a lady came to speak at a Carers’ Council Open meeting on this subject) and she advised me to get a “Care and Support Assessment” for the person I am caring for. I did this but late June now and am still waiting for a response but not holding my breath.

So as usual its milk and honey tomorrow for unpaid carers folks. But “we think your very special and do a wonderful job”.

Later …….

On 14th of August we received a visit from a social worker in response to my request for a care and support assessment. This support is available for a maximum of twelve weeks.

So you see everything comes to he who waits, at most twelve weeks of support. This is not what I expected when the prime minister, you know ,what’s is name, Boris Jones, was telling us how important carers are. I shall write again and let you know how this works out.



Much Later ……..26th September 2019

Had my carer’s assessment review by telephone today, only about one year late. Doing this over the phone is a bit soulless although my role hasn’t changed much in two years and will get £150.00 to help me get some respite probably for the last time before the County Council funding review for carers is implemented. The County Council know my feelings about this. I don’t need their money, what I do need is constructed occupational therapy at least once a week, for the person I care for.