Who We Are

We are a registered charity operating across the whole of Nottinghamshire with some members living further afield. We have over 150 individual carers and organisational representatives and our activities directly support Nottinghamshire carers as a whole. We frequently provide information and support to individual carers who are not recorded as members. Mental illness affects the whole family in many ways. We understand that carers support people (close loved ones, wider family and friends) who may have conditions across the range of health and social care services as well as mental health issues.

Our principal aim is to support the families and carers of adults suffering from enduring or recurring mental illness, living in Nottinghamshire. The range of conditions carers deal with cover anxiety and depression at one end to psychotic illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder at the other. Caring is a 24/7 responsibility but carers also need to have a life which includes employment if they want or need it, social activity, rest and relaxation and friendship from others who understand what that responsibility means. Our support helps with these conditions with these important life aims.

Carers may live outside Nottinghamshire and have someone they care for who lives in Nottinghamshire which adds to the challenges carers deal with. Others may contact us because they hear about what we do and need support and we respond to that need.

We don’t have paid workers or offices and our Executive Committee members are volunteers.

Our committee has a Chair (manages the committee business and keeps us on track), a Treasurer (manages the funding we receive and how we spend it) and a Secretary role (currently vacant and other committee members share the work) which is about recording meetings and communication with our members and stakeholders and a Newsletter Secretary who produces and distributes our newsletter.

What We Do

Have a look at our last Annual Report for the year ending March 2018 for more details of what we did last year.

  • We have an Executive Committee and hold monthly committee meetings, open to all our members, some of which are also attended on invitation by health or social care professionals to share information and discuss current issues. Committee members also visit other carer groups, mental health service development forums and clinical commissioning groups to listen and feed in carer views.
  • We publish a quarterly newsletter, which is sent out to our members and to other organisations and individual healthcare professionals, with whom we have regular contact.
  • We provide a number of bi-monthly Open Meetings during the year which are a mixture of social activity, entertainment, fun and food and information. We encourage people to give their views about their needs and concerns. These meetings are usually held during the day.
  • We engage with health and social care organisations, especially Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups, to provide carer perspectives into service development through community consultations, input into staff training and individual meetings with managers. They help us keep abreast of new service development and the services they provide.
  • We organise carer events or outings each year. This year we had a ‘Summer day Out’ [Meetings & Events]in Highfield Park in Nottingham in July.
  • We provide information and support to individual carers, whether or not they are current members of the Carers’ Council, at our Open meetings and by telephone. Some carers are referred to us by local Community Mental Health Teams, Carer Support Services and Voluntary Services.