Carers’ Council

Allies in Adult Mental Health, Nottinghamshire

We are a registered charity providing support to those people affected by mental ill health, mostly adults and often supported by their parents the main carers, other relatives and family members and friends. We are not accredited professionals just very experienced volunteers so take us as you find us. This site provides plenty of professional help to add to our wish to get you better care for yourself and the person(s) you care for. A key part of the site is our Helping Hands feature which links you to many sources of information and how they are of use to you.

Our aim is to help you deal with the challenges of being a carer or professional for those with mental health problems. Our own services include a quarterly newsletter and bi-monthly social meetings usually with at least one speaker and plenty for you to enjoy and occasional outings and other activities. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you… About us

Calling all mental health Carer Groups

Contact us to let us know about your meetings and events for 2020. Check out the Meetings and Events page for new posts.